5 Benefits Of Stucco And Concrete Exterior Coatings

24 May 2021
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Stucco and concrete buildings are attractive and energy-efficient, but they can be prone to damage from cracking, moisture, and temperature changes. Fortunately, a simple exterior coating can help eliminate most of these potential problems before they even begin.

1. Seals Small Cracks

Stucco and concrete tend to develop small cracks as it settles. These cracks are nearly invisible to the naked eye, but they create a porous surface that can allow water in. Once water invades, it can freeze and expand. This will then widen the cracks. Crumbling is also more likely to occur around cracks. An exterior coating will seal up these cracks so they won't become larger as easily.

2. Exterior Finish Protection

Whether the color is integrated into the stucco or painted on afterward, it can fade or chip over time. An exterior coating creates a durable barrier over the top of the finish, which extends the life of the color and keeps your home or building looking great for many years. This will save you money on repainting and chip repair, too. 

3. Waterproof Barrier

Even without cracks, stucco and concrete can be quite porous. In damp areas, this means that a lot of moisture can be absorbed into the building. Mold and mildew can be a problem if this occurs. An exterior coating creates a waterproof barrier, which means no moisture will be seeping through the porous walls. This can mitigate the risk of future mold problems. 

4. Durable Elastic Finish

The finish of an exterior coating is actually quite elastic. This is a good thing as it ensures that it weathers well. Stucco and concrete can expand and contract slightly in response to temperature fluctuations -- this is one of the reasons hairline cracking occurs. Since the coating is elastic, it expands right along with the building shell. The result is a durable coating that won't flake off or become damaged due to temperature changes.

5. Easy to Clean

One complaint of stucco and concrete building owners is that stains from mildew or salt can be difficult to remove. Mildew that grows on the surface of an exterior coating will rinse right off, and the white stains of salt efflorescence are also less common because salts won't leach from the wall concrete if there is no moisture access. 

Contact an exterior coating contractor to learn more about the coating options available for your stucco or concrete building.