Investing In The Best Plumbing Improvements For Renovations And Remodeling

25 May 2021
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When you are planning major renovations for your home, plumbing is one of the areas that shouldn't be overlooked. There are various improvements that you can invest in for the plumbing in your home. The water heater can be replaced, and more efficient fixtures can be installed. The following are the best plumbing improvements to invest in for your renovation and remodeling projects:

Water Heater Replacement and More

The water heater is one of the mechanical systems in your home that can be the cause of a lot of energy loss. Therefore, it is also one of the first plumbing improvements that you will want to discuss when planning your renovations. In addition to replacing the water heater with an on-demand or heat pump system, you may also want to add renewable energy. Today, options like thermal siphons are a great way to improve the efficiency of your hot water heater or boiler.

Water Line Replacement with a Manifold

The water lines are another area where you want to consider improvements for your household plumbing. If you have old water lines that constantly need repairs, it may be a good time to replace them when remodeling your home. Today, there are options like plastic plumbing systems that can be installed with a manifold to improve the design of the water line installations. These systems are more efficient and affordable than conventional plumbing systems with copper or PVC water lines.

Plumbing Fixture Replacement to Reduce Waste

The plumbing fixtures throughout your home can also be replaced to improve efficiency. There are various areas where you can replace plumbing fixtures for simple improvements. These improvements include areas like the kitchen and bathroom, which are also areas where you may be planning on investing more in remodeling. You may also want to update these areas with things like spray nozzles, showerheads, and other custom plumbing fixtures for your needs.

Add One-Way Drains and Backflow Prevention Devices

You also want to make improvements to your plumbing that help prevent damage. The first improvement to consider for the drain lines is installing one-way valves, which are backflow prevention devices that prevent sewer backflow problems. Backflow prevention devices can be installed in other areas, such as for your sprinkler system.

The plumbing improvements can help save energy and water to give your home a greener design. Contact a plumbing service to discuss these improvements for your renovation and remodeling projects.