4 Ways to Combine Modern Tech With Traditional Architecture

28 May 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you think of contemporary designs when you think about an eco-friendly home, there are more options. When you build a home, you may want to have an eco-friendly design with a more traditional look. The following eco-friendly home design ideas will help you plan your project with modern tech and traditional architecture:

Eco-Friendly Building Materials

First, you need to choose the right eco-friendly building materials. There are a lot of options to build a home with eco-friendly materials, but your choices are narrower with a traditional design. You may want to consider using recycled materials like concrete and steel for an eco-friendly home design. These materials can come from old buildings, shipping containers, and discarded metal scrap. There are other options for eco-friendly building materials to consider, such as bamboo or hay bales.

Passive Heating and Cooling Designs

Another option for an eco-friendly home design is passive heating and cooling. The design of your home can incorporate natural ventilation with windows that are strategically located. By opening lower and higher windows, the hot air in your home can escape in summer. This can also be the way to passively heat your home in winter with windows that get more sunlight during the coldest months of the year.

Natural Light and Efficient Lighting

The light in your home is another important feature to consider for the eco-friendly design. You want as much natural light to come in as possible. The windows for passive heating and cooling should give you plenty of light during the day, but you will still need light at night. Efficient LED lighting designs can be used to provide your home with the artificial light your need, and they can even be powered with renewable energy.

Resources for an Eco-Friendly Home Design

The design of your home will also need to have resources. This can start with renewable energy by adding features like solar roofing to your home. You can add other resources to your home, like a rain collection to the gutter system and landscaping drainage. You can also add other resources to the design, such as a garden area and a greywater recycling system. You may not want to use the greywater for a vegetable garden without filtration, but it can be used for other landscaping irrigation.

The eco-friendly home design can be a great way to combine tech and traditional architecture. Contact an eco-friendly home builder to discuss these options.