When Do You Need Camera Sewer Line Inspection Services

22 June 2021
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If you suspect your slow draining sinks or toilets could be triggered by root intrusion or a settled sewer line, your best line of defense is calling camera sewer line inspection services. Scheduling camera inspections for your main sewer line helps to detect possible issues with your plumbing systems.

Ideally, you need to contact plumbers with video sewer inspection knowledge. They can identify the actual culprit and provide perfect solutions to deal with sewer line clogs or blockages. This is the only way to restore proper wastewater flow and the plumbing line's efficiency. Here are instances when you'll need camera sewer line inspection services. 

You Have Slow Drains 

Sediment, grease, and debris buildup inside the sewer or drain pipes can cause your toilets or sinks to drain at a snail's pace. This can be nauseating and unhealthy, especially if the problem persists inside your home. To fix the slow drains, a skilled plumber needs to know what's causing the clogs. They will employ a camera sewer line inspection to find the affected area deep within the pipe. Camera inspections can tell whether foreign objects, gunk, or tree roots are causing drainage problems. With such knowledge, they'll repair or remediate the problem before it becomes a costly affair.

Wet, Lush Grass on the Lawns 

Sewer water is likely to seep up to your lawn if the sewer lines have collapsed or cracked. If you have old trees around the sewer lines, roots tend to grow towards the moisture. If they clamp a sewer pipe and it collapses, you'll find lush grass patches all year round. If you don't know the cause of these wet patches, an experienced plumber will recommend a camera sewer line inspection to identify the root cause. 

Leaking Under the Foundation 

If you detect a leak under your home's foundation, it could be a cracked or settled sewer line. To save yourself the panic and the hassle of digging up around the house, call a camera sewer line inspection service. They'll help to pinpoint the source of the leak, especially if it's inside your plumbing lines. 

You've Bought a New Home 

Not many things give people extreme joy other than closing a deal on a new home. But before you finalize the transaction, you must query the state of the sewer lines beneath. If the yard has trees, or the home is more than a decade old, contact a video sewer inspection specialist to give you a true description of the plumbing lines. A professional camera sewer line inspection service will help you avoid nasty backups, odors, and health risks when you settle in the new abode. For more information, contact a camera sewer line inspection service.