Why You Should Install Retractable Screens In Your Home

13 July 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Do pesky insects interrupt your good time on the patio? You can stop them by installing a retractable screen or custom awnings. This type of screen rolls up into housing when you don't need it, so you enjoy great views at all times. You can install retractable screens on doors, windows, and patio areas. They are easy to install without removing the existing doors or windows. Why should you invest in custom awnings?

Better Air Flow 

Open doors and windows allow air to circulate in the house, which comes with health benefits like lower respiratory allergies. A retractable screen allows airflow in and out of the house, which improves indoor air quality by expunging indoor pollutants like phthalates.

There is also an added advantage of lower utility bills. Retractable awnings keep out the sun during hot weather while allowing better airflow. As a result, there is less reliance on the central air conditioning, which lowers your utility bills. 

Expand Usable Space 

If you cannot sit on your patio in the evening because of insects, it becomes a waste of your home's space. Installing custom awnings helps keep out irritating insects in the evenings and at night. 

These screens are customizable, designs, and mount options. They will fit in any of your doors, windows, or other spaces like the patio or gazebo. Extending the usable space in your home boosts your property's value.

A retractable screen does away with the need for a storm door. If you are remodeling, you can install a retractable screen instead of a metal storm door, and the screen does not hide the beauty of your door.  

Enjoy Great Views 

Traditional non-retractable screens attract dust and an assortment of insects. It gets hazy and impedes the views. Retractable screens do not get dirty quickly. You can also retract them when the weather permits to enjoy the open views. If you love seeing the sunrise or set, you can enjoy the great views from your patio in greater comfort. 

More Convenience

The traditional storm screen came with the inconvenience of mounting, unmounting, and storage. Retractable screens and awnings stay in place all year round. They are easy to operate. 

A flexible, retractable screen goes across the door. When not in use, the screen retracts into the doorjamb. You can also have a traditional design retractable screen that comes down and rises into housing above the door or window.

Would you like to enjoy the great views outdoors in the evening for longer? Think of investing in retractable screens or custom awnings.