Choosing Trenching Over Blasting For Foundation Demolishment

20 July 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When someone is interested in demolishing an old building and getting a new one constructed in its place, there is usually a lot of work involved. The reason why is because there is much more to preparing the site for new construction than simply getting rid of the building. Since buildings are constructed on a foundation that is used to keep them stable, it is also necessary to demolish the foundation. A common method for demolishing the foundation of a building via want is known as blasting. However, trenching is another method that can be used, and it might actually be the wisest option to consider for demolishing a foundation.

Avoid Causing Unnecessary Destruction

A risk that comes with demolishing the foundation of a building using the blasting method is to destroy nearby structures unintentionally. Blasting commonly involves using explosives, although there are several other ways to carry out the task as well. When the explosives are detonated, the power from them can shake the ground to the extent of affecting the nearby property, which could lead to the owner filing a lawsuit. The perk of using the trenching method is that demolishing is more precise, meaning only the intended pavement will be demolished. Trenching is also the least messy of the two methods, which means there will be less to clean up afterward.

More Backfill Material Will Be Preserved

When something like the foundation of a building is demolished, it leads to there being a hole left in the ground. Before a new building can be constructed, the hole must be filled, which often involves the need for purchasing soil. When blasting is done, a large amount of soil is removed from its place and scattered about. However, when the trenching method is used, the soil is actually removed with the pavement in an organized manner. Trenching basically makes it easy to use the same soil that is removed as a backfill material to get rid of the hole in the ground.

Less Noise Will Be Made During the Process

Blasting the foundation of a building includes a large amount of noise being made, which can disturb anyone in nearby business establishments. Rather than making so much noise, opting for trenching is a quieter way to demolish a foundation. Although noise will still be made, it will be a lot more tolerable than the sound of explosives being detonated. Speak to a professional contractor to learn more about using trenching over blasting.