Thinking About Hinged Garage Doors? Here Are Some Considerations

20 July 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


A pair of hinged garage doors that swing open can add a stylish look to the front of any garage. If you're renovating your garage and you're leaning toward hinged doors, there are several things that you should think about before you confirm that they'll be the best choice for you. Your local garage door company can answer any questions that you may have about this type of door, as well as show you different product examples to help you visualize how the front of your garage could look. Here are some considerations to think about.

Driveway Length

The length of your driveway can play a role in determining whether hinged garage doors are the right choice for you. If the driveway is on the longer side, you'll be able to park your vehicles without them being too close to the front of the garage. This is important if you decide to go with hinged doors, as they require some space outside of the structure to swing open. If your driveway is so short that you have to park a vehicle just inches from the garage door, you'll likely want a door that rolls up.

Snow Accumulation

You should also think about whether you get snow where you live, how often it snows, and how quickly it accumulates. If your area doesn't get snow, you'll be able to be confident about swinging open your hinged garage doors whenever you wish without worrying about snow being in the way of their path. If you get a lot of snow during the winter, you don't have to abandon your hope of getting hinged garage doors. For example, if you have a snow removal service that clears your driveway before you need to open the garage doors each morning, you can move forward with hinged doors.

Physical Strength

If you plan to open your garage door manually instead of with an opener, you need to think about the amount of physical strength that is required for this task. Some people find that swinging open a hinged garage door can be easier than lifting a rolling door. This may especially be important for those who have shoulder or back issues that limit their ability to bend and lift heavy objects. If the idea of lifting a rolling door feels daunting to you based on your physical strength and/or health, you may wish to move forward with hinged doors.

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