A Fireplace With Style: Using Luxurious Rectangular Stone Designs To Accent Modern Interior Designs

23 July 2021
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A fireplace is one of the essential features of your home. Without one, you're missing out on a cozy atmosphere and the touch of elegance that they add to designs. Interior designers usually want to make a bold statement, which means choosing the right design for their client's home. Rectangular stone fireplace designs fit the bill perfectly because they have the best elements—decorative features, decorating elements, and practical applications. Here are interior design ideas that will help you incorporate a rectangular stone fireplace into your home's interior:

Choosing the Stone Fireplace Style

First, consider the style of your fireplace. Today, there are a lot of options for fireplace styles. These can include stone fireplaces with a modern design to give your interior design an elegant centerpiece. Rather than a modern design, you may want to consider something more traditional. Stone fireplaces are a great way to fuse more traditional and rustic features into a modern home design.

Decide Where to Install the Fireplace

When you are installing a stone fireplace, you want it to be a noticeable focal point. Therefore, it is critical to choose the right location for your new rectangular stone fireplace. Consider areas with large open wall space, but also where the fireplace can be seen from different angles. Make a bolder statement with a larger fireplace design that can be seen from different positions.

Consider Options for Additional Details

When installing fireplaces, there are various types of stone that can make your home feel luxurious. Some of these features can be added to the fireplace when it is installed, and others can be added later. You might want to add features like tile and brick around the fireplace to make your home's interior safer and enhance the design of your new fireplace.

What You Need to Know Before Using the Fireplace

It's important to know how to use your fireplace once it is installed. Therefore, talk to the installer about how different features work, such as gas logs. In addition, ask about maintenance and upkeep. The newer gas and ethanol models will only require a minimal amount of cleaning, while a traditional wood fireplace needs to be cleaned regularly. Some will also require chimney sweeping to ensure they are clean and safe when you use them.

The elegance of a stone fireplace is something special that stands out when guests walk into your home. Contact a fireplace service to start planning your interior makeover with a new stone centerpiece. They can provide more information regarding options like stone rectangular fireplaces.