Installing a New Well Pump in Your Drilled Well

27 July 2021
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Drilled wells are commonly used on residential properties because they allow you to reach water sources well below the surface and pump the water up to your home. A submersible well pump is often the best way to get the water from the bottom of the well to the house, and they are not often difficult to install.

Determining The Pump Size

When you are looking for a submersible well pump, you may notice that there are multiple different-size pumps on the market. Most well pumps are rated by horsepower, and typically, the deeper the well, the larger the pump you will need. If you are going to purchase the pump and have it installed later, it is essential that you go to a well pump supplier and have them help you determine the right pump for your well. Simply buying the largest pump will not work. The diameter of the pump casing, the depth of the well, and the well's flow rate are all important details that you need in order to size the pump correctly. 

Professional Installation

It is vital that the submersible well pump is installed correctly and uses the right parts, or it may not produce the water you need dependably. The pump installer needs to set the well pump into the well deep enough for it to be under the water but high enough not to touch the bottom. To do this correctly, the installer needs to know the exact depth of the well and the flow rate of water to determine how deep the water is in the well. Ideally, the pump should sit a foot or so above the bottom so there is room for the water to flow around the intake screens without allowing sand or silt to block them. 

The submersible well pump is installed on the PVC water line first, then the wiring for the pump is connected. The water line and the wire are rolled out to the proper length, and the installer will tape the wires to the waterline so they don't move around when the pump is running.

When the pump is ready, the entire assembly is carefully lowered into the well and connected to a fitting called a Pitless adapter that holds the pump off the bottom of the well and provides a ninety-degree bend that goes through the wall of the well casing. The water line feeding the house is attached to the Pitless adapter and then runs into the home. If everything is done correctly, the submersible well pump will sit at the perfect height and pump water for eight to ten years before it needs replacing. 

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