Installing A Deck Where None Currently Exists? 3 Things To Consider

28 October 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


While many new home design plans include a deck as part of the original construction process, some existing homes may not currently include one. A well-designed, properly constructed deck can provide a comfortable outdoor space for quiet relaxation and family fun, as well as offer an attractive place to entertain guests. Homeowners who want to add a deck to their existing home often have questions about the process. If you would like to upgrade your home by adding a deck where none currently exists, here are three things you will want to consider. 

Support for the Deck

When a deck is included as part of the original design process, the builder is able to include the support needed for the structure of the deck so that it will be safe for the home's occupants to use. Homes lacing a deck will need to determine whether one can be attached safely to their home or what modifications may be necessary to make attachment possible. 

If the existing structure of the home is not suitable for attaching a deck structure, homeowners will need to consider constructing a freestanding deck. As the name implies, a freestanding deck is constructed with the support and bracing it needs to be stable and safe without relying on the structure of the home to add support. 

Permits and Codes

If the home in question is located within an incorporated area or is governed by an HOA, it will be necessary for the homeowners to ensure that any deck construction plans align with existing building and safety codes, as well as the rules of their HOA, if applicable. In some areas, freestanding decks are treated differently than those that will be attached directly to the structure of the home. The size of the deck and access from the home to the deck are also factors in deciding if a permit is needed for the construction of a new deck.

Deck Levels 

Another factor that will need to be considered when planning to add a deck to a home where none currently exists is the height and level of the deck. If the home has a second story that will need deck access, homeowners will need to plan for that access by either installing a door in the exterior wall or by enlarging the space where a window is currently located to accommodate the placement of a single or double door to the deck. 

The addition of a deck can add enjoyment and value to your existing home. Homeowners who are considering this type of project can get more information by discussing their plans with a reputable deck builder in their area.