Are Quartz Countertops Right For Your Remodel?

7 January 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Quartz countertops have emerged as one of the most popular remodeling options. They are great for kitchens, bathrooms, home bars, and entertainment spaces.

However, quartz slab countertops compete in an industry where there are many appealing choices of materials. If you're not confident about whether quartz is a good option for your project, look at that the following five issues.


One of the strongest arguments for quartz as a material is it allows you to select a slab of virtually any size. Quartz is an engineered product that uses natural stone. Consequently, you're not stuck with what a rock formation gave you, unlike you'll see with quarried products. You don't have to worry about matching seams and patterns because the supplier can usually produce a countertop that's a single slab. Likewise, all the cuts will be right where you need them.


Another advantage of quartz countertops as an engineered solution is they offer a larger array of color options. Supplies can usually deliver any color or pattern a customer desires. If you want something with a marble pattern but with a blue color that doesn't appear in nature, that's a possibility. Especially if you're trying to match the countertops to a room's existing design and colors, quartz will give you more options to work with.


By engineering the mixture of quartz in a countertop, a supplier can also provide nearly any finish you desire. If you want a matte finish for a more modern look, just ask. Similarly, the classic polished look of countertops is always an option. Anything in between is possible, too.

Low Maintenance

Most stone countertop materials have specific shortcomings. Some are soft and can't hold up to aggressive kitchen use, effectively ruling them out for commercial operations or even families that cook a lot. Others require regular maintenance in the form of oiling or polishing, and they may stain easily, too.

Quartz countertops suffer none of those issues. They're durable, heat-resistant, and low-maintenance. Even if you expose them to extreme mistreatment, there's a good chance you'll be able to buff and polish out the blemishes.

Ease of Installation

Quartz slab countertops lend themselves to a wide range of installation scenarios. You can install large, single slabs if the room has sufficient space.

Likewise, you can reduce a countertop to several sections without much trouble for transport into apartments and smaller homes. When the installers assemble everything, the patterns will line up perfectly.