Keys To Repairing Torn Ductwork Insulation For An AC System

9 June 2022
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An important part of a central AC system is the ductwork because it lets cool air move to the proper locations in your home. Sometimes, sections of insulation can tear around this ductwork. If this has happened to your AC system, remember these repair suggestions.

Use the Same Type of Insulation

In order to fix torn ductwork insulation, you'll typically have to apply more insulation and seal it in place. This will help your AC system remain energy-efficient long-term. You just need to make sure you choose the same type of insulation that your ductwork already has set up.

That's going to make it easier to set up new insulation, as well as get the same energy-efficient properties from it. You can find out what current insulation is around the ductwork of your AC system by asking professional AC contractors. 

Seal New Sections in Place With Foil Tape

Once you find out which sections of ductwork insulation have torn, you'll need to secure new materials around the tear using foil tape. It's a high-quality type of tape that won't easily damage when around different environmental conditions. 

Foil tape also can stick to a lot of different surfaces, which is key for ensuring it holds up after it's placed around the torn section where new insulation materials are being set up. You just need to make sure you use enough of it to keep new insulation materials firmly in place.

Test Patched-Over Area

The last step in fixing torn ductwork insulation is running your AC system and seeing if the patched-over area can hold like it needs to. After turning your AC system on, head on over to the patched-over section and put your hands near it to see if air escapes.

If it doesn't, then that's a clear sign of a tight seal and you can then trust this repair is going to work out. Whereas if you still feel cold air escaping, you need to keep adjusting the new insulation and perhaps add more so that you can create a tight seal that holds up just fine.

In order for the ductwork of your AC system to work efficiently, the insulation around it needs to be in good condition. If it ever tears, make sure you quickly respond with a repair. Then you can keep air from leaking out and subsequently maximize the energy-efficient performance of your AC system. 

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