Is Foam Insulation Worth The Hype? Find Out

27 October 2022
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You must install insulation when building a home to enhance energy efficiency. And you need to get it right, or else you will be dealing with temperature fluctuation and noise pollution. After researching and asking pros about the best insulation to consider, you will have countless positive reviews about spray foam. But what makes this insulation option stand out? This post will highlight four reasons spray foam should be your go-to insulation option.

1. It Is Durable  

Spray foam is made from durable and strong materials (isocyanate and polyurethane). This means that it will continue to protect your home for many years, even if it is exposed to water and sunlight. The initial investment may be higher than other insulation options, but you will save money in the long run because you won't have to replace it as often. 

2. Easy to Install

Looking for easy and quick-to-install insulation? You should consider spray-form insulation. In fact, this is one of the benefits that has made it the talk of every home. Whether it is during summer or winter, spray foam seals various gaps quickly and effectively, giving your home instant protection. However, this does not mean you should install it yourself; you still need to work with an insulation contractor for flawless results.

3. Unmatched Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners pay for more energy than they need due to air leaks. Consider spray foam insulation if you need unmatched energy efficiency. It can effectively seal gaps in crawl space, attic, and walls so that your HVAC does not overwork to regulate your home's temperatures. This can keep energy consumption at the lowest end; you will enjoy comfort without breaking the bank for it y.

4. A Quiet and Peaceful Home

If you are building your home in a noisy neighborhood, for example, near a highway, you will want to devise ways to minimize noise pollution. Spray foam insulation creates a shield that reduces the amount of outside noise reaching your interior space. And if the noise is too loud, the spray foam can dampen it, making it less intrusive and more tolerable. However, you should consider open-cell foam for effective noise reduction.

Want an insulation option that can provide your home with superior protection against air and moisture infiltration? If yes, invest in spray foam insulation. If you want to install quality spray foam insulation, hire a licensed insulation contractor to inspect your house, plan the project, and install the insulation.

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