Why You Should Use Asphalt For Your Commercial Parking Lot Construction

9 December 2022
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Having a designated parking space for your employees and customers is an excellent way to improve access to your commercial premises.  When employees can easily find a place to park their car, they'll have positive experiences coming to work, resulting in higher satisfaction, morale, and productivity. Plus, customers who do not struggle with finding parking space on your premises tend to remain loyal to your business.

That said, various construction materials are available for parking lots, each with its own unique pros and cons that must be considered before it's used. Asphalt is one of the top material options for commercial parking lot construction. Read along to learn why it might be a suitable choice for your commercial paving needs.

Fast Installation

When it comes to large paving projects like commercial parking lot construction, hot-mix asphalt is preferred. As the name implies, this type of asphalt is mixed at an elevated temperature before its application.

When compared to their concrete cousins, asphalt parking lots generally require fewer days to be laid and then driven on. As a result, they're a suitable choice if you're looking to use your newly paved surfaces as soon as possible.

Smooth Surface

While having ample parking space on your commercial premises is a good thing, your pavement ride quality matters as well. If you want your workers and customers to enjoy driving in your parking lot, creating a smooth pavement can help you achieve that goal. Asphalt paving delivers a smooth surface that is not only safe to drive on but also enhances users' ride quality.

Low Maintenance

The water used to make concrete mixes significantly contributes to the cracking of concrete pavements. As the water expands and contracts with the free-thaw cycle, it causes the concrete to crack and eventually develop potholes.

Since asphalt mixes do not include water, they resist cracking and other forms of surface damage better than concrete. As a result, asphalt parking lots require less maintenance and fewer repairs than their concrete counterparts.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Owing to their sleek, black appearance, asphalt pavements are regarded as a functional and attractive choice for commercial parking lots, especially when road surface markings are applied. However, the black color gradually turns to gray as the asphalt ages. 

Asphalt parking lot construction requires expert handling to do it correctly. Get in touch with an asphalt company if you have any questions or for your detailed quote.

Contact a local asphalt construction service, such as Rocky Mountain Pavement, to learn more.