Four Advantages Of Commercial Design-Build Construction

20 July 2023
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When you build a commercial structure, there are two distinct possible processes for the project. The traditional process employs a general contractor who then hires subcontractors and assigns them pieces of the job. An alternative is to work with a commercial design =-build contractor. Using design-build, the whole job goes through a single organization.

What are the advantages of hiring a design-build contractor? Businesses should consider these four.


A single entity is responsible for the whole project. There will be virtually no subcontracting unless you need a small and unusual feature outside of the firm's purview. Otherwise, you can expect one business to install everything from the foundation to the utilities.

Consequently, accountability on any project is strong. No one can blame a subcontractor for whatever might go wrong. You go directly to the design ]-build contractor, explain what happened, and expect remediation.


Working with one entity also means the project will go faster. Once you've signed a contract, the project will begin. Rather than waiting for subcontractors to place bids, the commercial design-build contractor checks their supplies, places necessary orders, and gets to work.

Most of the supplies for projects are fairly standard materials like concrete, steel, and wood. Therefore, you can expect the company either to have them on hand or to have a close relationship with a set of local suppliers that do. Supplies will arrive quickly, and that ensures that work moves speedily.

Tight Collaboration

A major benefit of working with a design-build contractor is that the company's team members already collaborate frequently. The folks who install the electrical and computer networking systems, for example, know the people who put up the drywall. They know how long it takes their teammates to complete specific tasks. Consequently, there will be fewer delays based on sequencing. You won't have to worry that the painters are waiting for the drywall contractors who're waiting for the plumbers and so on.

This works vertically within the design-build company, too. Architects and engineers work with the people who do the hands-on work. If a carpenter has questions about the structural integrity of the floor, they know exactly who to contact.

Quality Control

Ultimately, you want to know that the results will be high-quality. Within design-build work, quality control is easier. While project requirements may vary significantly, every team member knows everyone else's work. Quality control becomes self-reinforcing.

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