Signs You Need to Have Your Pickleball Court Resurfaced

11 January 2024
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Pickleball is a fun sport that’s gaining popularity all around the world, but it requires a specialized court to get the most out of the game. Over time, your pickleball court will wear out and require maintenance to keep it in top condition. As a pickleball enthusiast, you want to ensure that your court is in good shape so that you can continue to enjoy the game. In this blog post, we'll discuss the top signs that your pickleball court needs resurfacing.


When your pickleball court has cracks, it’s time to start thinking about resurfacing. Not only are cracks unsightly, but they can be dangerous for players. When players run or move on the court, their feet may get caught in the cracks, causing injuries. Additionally, water can seep into the cracks, causing further damage. If you notice small cracks in your court, it’s important to address them right away before they become bigger problems.


Pickleball courts are exposed to the elements and sunlight, which can cause the colors to fade. Discoloration and fading can make it challenging to see the lines on the court, affecting the enjoyment of the game and the accuracy of calls during play. It may be time to resurface your court if you see extreme fading or if you struggle to see the lines.

Bumps or Unevenness

Bumps and unevenness can be dangerous for players. When players are running or moving on the court, they may trip or stumble over uneven areas, causing injury. Additionally, the ball may not bounce evenly on a court that is uneven, making it challenging to play the game. Resurfacing your court can help to create a level surface so players can play without worry.

Drainage Issues

Water damage can severely impact your pickleball court, so it’s important to ensure that the court has proper drainage. If you see water pooling on the court after it rains, there may be an issue with the drainage system. Additionally, water damage can lead to cracks, bumps, and unevenness. Resurfacing your court can help you address any drainage issues and ensure that the court is protected from further damage.

If you love playing pickleball, it’s important to keep your court in top condition. Whether you play for fun or competitively, taking care of your court will ensure that your games are safe, enjoyable, and fair. Watch out for cracks, unevenness, and other signs that your court needs resurfacing. By taking care of your court with proper maintenance and resurfacing, you can make sure that it will last for years to come.

For more information, contact a professional pickleball court resurfacing service in your area.